Orlando blogs...

Ho ho ho. Been a bit light on the blog front recently, my apologies.

We have been busy though. So happy to announce the website is really picking up and many more wine lovers have discovered us as a money saving source for their favourite wines.....


Ok, so we know you have your favourites. The big sellers on the site are the Sacchetto Pinot Brut Blush Spumante, Cerro Anon Rioja Crianza, Mont Rocher Carignan, Il Pumo Primitivo (used to be called Luccarelli just to confuse matters) and the Alpha Zeta R Valpolicella.

Hopefully you all know that we take a great amount of pride in our wine selections and carefully buy wines that not only taste great but offer great value for money. Paul and myself taste all of the wines that come in, sometimes very professionally in the office in tiny amounts, sometimes by the gallon with good mates around the table with a delicious Sunday roast. You can work out which of these options is the most fun ;-)

So if you trust us enough, we have a range of mixed cases online. These cater for different tastes, different occasions and different budgets. So if you fancy a case of fair priced, easy drinking wine to crack open at any time then you may want to go for a lower priced mixed case. If you desire a range of wines to dip into for a fancy dinner party or to give as gifts then you may want to select some of the higher priced options.

In time for Christmas we have created some more luxurious mixed options. Some include Champers, dessert wines, tawny ports and prosecco. The prices are, as always, very competitive. There is absolutely no way you could buy something of similar quality elsewhere. If you are feeling generous they make a brilliant gift for a wine lover. We can send the case direct to them, just type in their details in the special instructions box on checkout.

Otherwise these cases are ideal to accompany festive banquets. Crisp whites, deep reds, aged ports, dry prosecco, fine dessert wines, quality champers. They not only look great, you will have loads of fun trying them out. Believe me, I know!

As always we love hearing from you. Write a comment below or drop us a line.

It is definitely not too early to also say from Paul Roberts and I, Merry Christmas and an even merrier New Year.

Orlando Corea

p.s. the running is going well, now a member of the dauntingly excellent Birchfield Harriers Athletics Club!