Wine Case Selections

By selling our wine by the case, we can pass on our great savings to you. We sell in cases of twelve. These can be twelve of the same or a specially picked case that has been thoughtfully put together by our expert Paul Roberts, so each bottle will compliment each other.

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If you generally buy your wine one or two bottles at a time during your visit to the supermarket, then you might feel that buying a case of wine is a bit excessive. However there are many advantages of buying a case of wine from us, even if you only buy one or a couple of cases a year.

Not only can you take advantage of our free delivery, you can be assured that our wines are specially selected for the demanding restaurant trade. This means that you will be buying stock that many fine eating establishments and gastro pubs deem the perfect accompaniment to their menu, adding to their reputation. But of course you won’t be paying any where near the price you would pay when dining out.

Many of our savvy customers buy one or two cases of wine each month, building up their collection with many of our fantastic tasting, specially picked ranges of fine wines.


Anyday Pouring 1

12 Bottle Case

Anyday Pouring 4

12 Bottle Case

French and Spanish Mixed Special

12 Bottle Case

Red Rioja Special

12 Bottle Case

Seriously Special Growers Champagne

12 Bottle Case

Seriously Special California Mix

12 Bottle Case

Seriously Special Curiosity White

12 Bottle Case
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