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Those of you who are on our mailing list, follow us on Twitter or Like us on Facebook, will hopefully have seen our recent competition, designed to start 2016 off with a bang.....


To prize on offer was a £100 case of wine of the winners choice, from our website. There were numerous, simple ways to enter a name for the completely free draw, each option providing additional entries! These included 'liking' the Paul Roberts Wines Facebook page, 'following' us on Twitter and if you had already done that, commenting on either site and retweeting us. As easy as that. We had a shedload of names for the draw...

Before we announce the lucky winner, drawn at random, here are just some of the Facebook comments, even a poetic entry:

Emma Rawlinson In the past wine has been the route of many a misdemeanour and numerous tales of great hilarity. Obviously I now drink responsibly and only quality wine like those peddled by Mr Roberts, I can't tell you a funny tale as they are all too rude xxxx

Annie Taylor Like many people, we tend to buy cheaper wines for everyday drinking and keep a few 'special' wines in reserve for treats. Shame then that a member of my family who was visiting us at the time and whose name I won't mention (will I Mum) decided to give two bottles of our fine and expensive wines to her friend who was collecting for a tombola table. They were destined to nestle alongside the bottles of Daddies sauce and tins of custard. I just hope that whoever pulled out the right tickets enjoyed them as much as we probably would have. Sob!

Di Wareing Stories of me & stories of wine...
reminds me of a certain Airline ! 
It wasn't my fault,
it was a really hot day,
and the airline suddenly announced a delay.
So off we went to get some wine..
chatted away to pass the time.
Then I thought I heard we could go
so off I went with the rest in tow.
The Air hostess said madam.. can I have your name..
Because we are flying to Germany..
and you're on the wrong plane !!
This was many years ago
and I've never lived it down have I Sasha lol

Jane Willis I once went into a supermarket to look for a specific brand of Chardonnay, and couldn't see it on the shelf, but the department manager was passing so i asked him if they had it in stock. His reply - and remember, he was manager of the drinks department, replied "Are you looking for the white Chardonnay or the red Chardonnay? "

David Christensen The only thing funny about Paul Roberts Wines' Champagne Gallimard is quite what good value it is!

Henry Skudra In vino veritas
It's not dry January outside, so why should it be inside!?

Georgina Booth-Purdy My funny wine story is that I am just hilarious when I've been drinking it!


....Very true Georgina, we are also award winning singers after a glass or two.......we really enjoyed reading your entries and online chatting with you all. So much so that we will be running another competition in the near future so keep your eyes peeled......

The winner, as well as providing many shares, tweets, and retweets, also submitted the following tale..."First time we flew many years ago we had a couple of glasses of wine during the flight when we landed I looked at the sign on the wall it said "Welcome To Zakynthos" I turned to my wife and said oh no did we get the right plane were supposed to be going to Zante LOL I didnt know Zakynthos was Zante"

Congratulations to Dave Barker of Chorley, Lancashire. Your perseverance pays off, though your Geography skills could do with a little honing!

We will be in touch to agree your choice and confirm delivery.

Many thanks everyone

Orlando @ Paul Roberts Wines