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30.6.14 - On Saturday night went out to a lovely local Mediterranean restaurant in Moseley called Prego. Prego are fairly new and are still waiting for their on trade license. So every cloud right.....?

Recently replenished my personal stocks of wine so grabbed a bottle of the San Felice Chianti Classico 2009 as we dashed out. Been a while since I have tried it and I must say it is exceptional. Drinking really well, nicely fruity with some oaky depth. Smooth and medium bodied it went very well with the both the fresh bruschetta and secondly the sirloin. Sold loads of this wine to friends in the last few months. They love it too. Hopefully I'll be adding a review facility to the website in the next month, watch this space.

Want to know more about Chianti and this wine? Well keep reading the original part of my blog below.

Ah Chianti. A noun, that to this day, still takes me back to the legendary quote uttered by Hannibal Lecter in the 1991 film Silence of the Lambs. I won't repeat the quote, perhaps #inappropriate, but it arguably improved the profile of this delicious Tuscan wine ten fold...

So what is Chianti? Well in short, Chianti is any wine produced in the Chianti region, in central Tuscany, Italy. Older readers will fondly recollect how it used to come in a squat bottle enclosed in a straw basket, called a fiasco. The fiasco is only used by a few makers of the wine these days, though probably can still be seen in a traditional Italian eatery. Most Chianti is now packaged in more standard shaped wine bottles. Chianti is made using at least 70% Sangiovese grapes.

Some friends of mine recently bought a case of our San Felice Chianti Classico 2009. I also had the pleasure of sampling this wine for myself last week too. My friends just called me to tell me how well this wine went down and to check our stock levels. Fortunately we have plenty. At just £115 per 12 bottle case, with potential free delivery, this wine is a steal. Don't believe me? Well, check out this impressive write up by the Independent Wine Review

If you fancy trying some other Italian reds why not consider one of our pre selected mixed cases. The San Felice is part of our Seriously Special Italian Red case£105 for 12 bottles and containing 3 each of 4 exceptional Italian wines.

The fresher acidity in this red wine means that it makes a flexible accompaniment to a variety of foods particularly tomato dishes, cheese, pasta and red meats. Pretty handy for those mouth watering Tuscan banquets.

Or you could try it with liver and fava beans, can't think where that piece of inspiration came from Wink.

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San Felice